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Hello, what are the benefits of being in a clan? i know weekly top 3 clans get some rewards, but what about other clans??? so my suggestion is if devs can add at least a tiny reward or something good that encourage players to be in a clan, if not, what is the point of being in one?


making frends?

Hell no


sweating to meet clan requirements?..:grin:
(so you can stay in the clan and not getting kicked out…)

I do agree with this. It would be nice if the clan system got a complete shake up and redone.

Perhaps it should also get rewards like in the league? If your clan gets above a certain rank you gain a box that included stuff to help you boost up weapons. eg.

Rank 20-25 = 2 blue boost
Rank 15-19 = 4 blue boost
Rank 10-14 = 1 epic boost + 2 blue boost
Rank 5-9 = 2 epic boost
Rank 2-4 = 3 epic boost
Rank 1 = 3 epic boost (get 1 epic item instead if you are in top 3)


it would not be bad a box of the clan … equal to a game that I suppose you already know, that notably improved the hours of game in that game … maybe they will use tactisoft a good update

I would also like to see a clan fight happen. The way it would work is that a clan wages war on another.

The fights would be done using the auto firing system so that you wouldn’t have to be on at the same time as the other clan that you are fighting.

To make it fair the auto mech would have its stats boosted by X% to make it balanced.

If you want a fully thought out idea/topic for this give the post a like.


boost = Power unit.

I am not a TS employee, just a forum moderator.


How about adding something like a clan chest? You can open some chest when you reached the amount of stars you need. An example : The first chest contains a few rares and commons. To open it you need 25 stars. Let’s say you got 8 stars from it. Then you maybe go to school or work and go back online while having lunch. Then you will see that others also won some pvp matches. The clan have 26 stars now and everyone is able to open it. After that there’s a new box that contains rares and maybe epics. To open it you might need 50 stars and so on. You will also see who was active and who not. The stars will reset every week or maybe 2 weeks.


no power kits r crap now
its better a random item of the same quality

nice thing!
that was a great adition on lot of games
this one would really benefit from something like that
but rewards of TS are… meh

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Yes, I think the OP thought more about Clan rewards also for lower ranked Clans, then about Clan Wars / Fights.

For that reason it would be great if you could discuss the Clan Wars / Fights in the thread @Elcent linked.

About Clan rewards …

I tell @tacticsoft since 3 years that also clans ranked below top3 should get an reward :exclamation:

But totally unheard :grey_exclamation:


I believe this was added. Just too hard to get into a gud clan

Rip me ._. I got kicked from GODZILLA’s because I went on a vacation.

Want to join mine?

Um sure I guess @Splatter

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@ImmortalHunter you can hit me in global or top rank chat, or just look for Rakuen clan!

Sorry for being offtopic here! :sweat_smile: