Clan Rewards bugged

Yesterday night we had league reset; this morning my clan was in the run for the 3rd rewards (30 fuel) but appearently 1st and 2nd rewards are gone: my inventory is full and I don’t have any clan box in unclaimed box section.

@Sarah247 @jonny @Mohadib


Thanks for the report, we will look into it. All clan rewards go directly to the unclaimed box section (regardless of inventory space). We will look into this. Perhaps you are near the unclaimed box capacity limit? (Do you get the “you are near the capacity” message from time to time?)

Nope, I had my inventory full but only a couple of boxes in my unclaimed section.
Also I’m not the only one, @Elcent and other clan members didn’t received them too.

Not sure if there is some delay if they get unlocked while you’re offline, but we haven’t got 'em as for now.

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I had 0 boxes in my inventory and missed the boxes.

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Update: we just hit 200 wins and I was online, no box in unclaimed section!
It was working fine before league reset, dunno what’s wrong now, @jonny.

(Tried clearing cache just in case, didn’t helped).

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Might we worth stating this clan is only a few days old.


Yeah, the exact same thing happened to me. I’m also missing the rewards.

But as @YGGM said, it might be because I hadn’t contributed any wins to the clan yet when we reached the reward. Maybe others got it? If they didn’t, then this is a bug. Also, I remember winning a few times when the new season came, so it’s probably not because of what they said.

Edit: I just checked the clan, we reached past 100 wins, but no box. And I know for a fact that I contributed to the clan.

@Jonny I guess I’ve figured out what’s happening.
Last league we got first 3 rewards (blue box, power kit and 30 fuel); after league reset those 3 rewards were skipped, but we have actually been able to get 4th reward aka 20K gold, which is the first one we didn’t got last season.

Those rewards are a 1 time thing or are we supposed to being able to get them every new season (if the clan fulfill wins requirement)?
Here on the forum we all thought we could have enjoyed those rewards every new season, but the current behavior seems to point out it’s a one time thing.
Hope it’s a glitch, otherwise it would be kinda disappointing tho :sweat_smile:

Waiting for your clarification :slight_smile:

It should be possible to get them every season, we are looking into it.


I too have gotten no rewards from clan league or accumulated wins, yet my wins are racked up for the clan. This is BS!

Fixed, thanks!

Blame on aliens