Clan Rewards are not worth

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The rewards for the war must be fixed.
Box s, s+ = 2 leg relic, 2epic, 1 rare. many get only epic relics. This is the highest box.


Getting a legendary relic out of the clan box is like getting a five leaf clover and that is NOT fun. Literally wasting time and effort on doing clan boxes just to divine items and TS just decides to lower the chance on getting good shit just like Premium boxes.

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after 3 in a row of epic sh…


Nono you will make this topic go confuso mode

Bet it was an S rank box. Hell only the top players benefit from this. Same with package deals since P2W people buy that like there’s no tomorrow.

It takes me, a rank 11-10 player, 2 months to get enough clan coins to buy a premium pack. I don’t think it’s that bad


s+ box :partying_face:

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Yep. S+ box is the only box that matters and yet lower ranking clans can’t get it cause TS is full of bull


I only got 2 times a triple from clan wars .-.

And 1 time from season end .-.


The only thing that should be done is to create a way to upgrade the common and rare, if it is not possible, they should be given the opportunity to throw them away because they take up space to my inventory.


OldSchool, relics don’t take up space.


I have 20+ common relics in inbentory…

Laugh in raid’s very much worthy rewards

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Im actually saving up to divine some long awaited items

Y’KNOW because rewarding the people who dont spend money on the game or playing often is a smart business choice

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DK about clan wars yet but i think the clan wars on the other online games are better though

Dont judge me it’s my opinion