Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


A tip/help for Trolls fast (honest ment) …

I took the time to read all the last post …

2 important things for your Clan …

  • I would discuss such things (whom you want take or Clan strategy) in a pm for all your Clan members here in the forum, not in your Clan recruitment thread (for searching of course, but not the other things you discussed here)

  • about jump into the Top3 … I hope you will make it, BUT please with all your respect for your hype atm, please do not forget that the other Clans can react


(if you do not want this post, feel free to tell me, I will delete it, if you want)



So can I join or no?


Thanks for the advice @bestplayerintheworld… duly noted

@Chicken_Drink The spot’s been filled my friend but your Mechs look promising. Keep chipping away at the modules (ie. mything them) because that’s the biggest divider between Top Ranks (1-4) and Lower Ranks (5 and up)


Unfortunately, I have to agree with this statement - the so-called theft of the player is the most horrible phenomenon in this game … the last season, the player left us on Friday and I could not find a replacement.
What we have now is the long wait for the rival … the invariable three clans in the ranking for 2 years-all this is very monotonous and does not contribute to the development of the game … all this is complained of but as soon as a new clan emerges trying to create a competition-right away started a dirty game.
You can find a player of the lower rank … take to the clan … help build a mech … but nothing is always easier to steal in the Trolls.
Perhaps I am expressing myself too emotionally and apologizing if I offend someone but I think that much will agree with me.
Is it not time to introduce something like a contract between a clan leader and a new member of the clan-it would guarantee stability and prevent a disgusting overflow. I also propose to allow recruitment only on Saturday and Sunday. I would hear your opinion.


It sounds like a good start, but we still have the reoccurring problem of players leaving at the last minute

That would be a great idea for TS to add, and make it last for at least the full week of the league. But we know how it is for TS to implement an idea that isn’t “theirs”.


Thats because of some (not all :wink: ) Top Clans places alt-accounts from them, into lower ranked Clans (but of course in the most dangerous for their main-clan) :exclamation:
This way they can “control”, more like manipulate the Points of a Clan, and if it is even to close, they leave last minute / last day :exclamation:


That is called Clan manipulating and dirty gameplay :exclamation:

We have one Top Clan in the Top3, which is specialized for this doings, but fortunately they had to pay the prize for :exclamation:
I do not calling names, but I think everybody knows who has this Clan strategy :exclamation:

So a great help for Trolls fast is to sort out such alt-accounts, I know it is not that easy, but doable with a lot of work :exclamation:

HardToKill was often hit by such tries, but if you have an eye about, it really helps the Clan :exclamation:

Hold in mind, even if it is an alt-account / spy-account from an other Clan, as long as she/he does her/his “work”, make enough points and do not leave last day, all is fine :exclamation:


About the members who leave for a Clan which is better placed, this is normal, and depend on the Clan-Gold-Medal greed from many :exclamation:

One time HardToKill fall because of a complot, from such Clan-Gold-Medal greedy members, BUT … and this is the important part of a Clan … as long as the CORE of the Clan work together pretty good, all is possible :exclamation:

I really hope these informations help your Clan Trolls fast :exclamation:




Betsy is Betsy. you’re a little shallow. A gap in the outflow of players. A tug in the top-only the effect of the funnel. I am against the clan system initially.

ЗЫ and i’m Mironmoonshinclanmember now
Come in, BPOFTW, with SamyClaus :wink:

PPS and we w’ll to try it. Whyno?


It was the same when I was in Suicide Squad,
I don’t use the word “steal”, don’t forget it’s pilot’s responsabity to join or not,
to quit before or after the end of the season. Not only the proposal of a Top leader

but Top 3 clans are attractive (medalls, learning, Rewards before SM reloaded of course)

The hard core of Trolls loves this clan, we need 1 or 2 good players to make the difference

Patient, you need to be little Padawan :wink:


Also, @Miron_Mironovich, if you could try and avoid me when im trying to rank up, id be very glad. Streak breaker/moonshine master mate of mine


I’m glad to be Padawan but where to get the Jedi Master ?.. better two


Inside you, the answer is

or maybe in the weed :sweat_smile:


First you must not get luered into the Dark side.
Lies and deciving you will find there.
Sweet words are always poisonous.
The force is strong in you.
Also take Jira’s advice… the weed is strong in him.


Hello my friend Miron!

You know? Nobody steals anyone. People leave clan because they want… Difficult thing is to get people fall in love with the clan…


We lost the player again the day before the end of the season … the same scenario as last week … the clan who recruited him the same as last week, two weeks ago, three weeks ago …Ehh…Well… we need a player rank of 1-2.


I joined without even seeing this :smiley:


Trolls invite a new player who wants to help fight for 3rd place-rank 3 and above can join automatically


Se77en said thanks for accepting him .


thank you … I am convinced that your joining will greatly help us


O god, troll master joined troll fast… some kindof karma.



Exactly as I thought, when I read it, now Wepsy can be happy (I hope) :exclamation:


To Trolls fast … with se77en you can make it … the plan to conquer Top 3 :exclamation:

I hope for your Clan :exclamation: