Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


Dammit you’re absolutely right. JELLOOOOO! (@DarkJailu) why


There’s one person I would like to get.

He’s very tough though, and by I mean tough I mean hard-headed in some way.

No offense though.

Already PMed him, not answering.


LLYL - 2549 : Trolls Fast - 2482

We need a person with rank score of 66 or more and we’re overtaking LLYL

Rank 4 is 98 rank score



Alright we’re taking @SantaClemente lmao


I have currently 91 arena points also have good potential to get rank 4. I can also be temporary with you guys to help you coz I like you all @cyanine @Winz_Kay @Dwightx @Miron_Mironovich @cousin_joe. I dont want to be with you to get a medal but to help you guys as a true friend. But if I get a medal it would be awesome! XD!



Take @SantaClemente here.

Please answer so we know you’re still here.


Rank 5 - 6 Has like 90-80 Arena Points, so it’ll be a huge jump.


I have 91 currently my best is 96 or something arena points and its just 2nd day of season


So its about trolls discussing about troll fast.
People will you join this great clan at once.

@cousin_joe mate, your performances are amazing, well done @Miron_Mironovich for recruiting this champ in the making.

Joe, just noticed your flag, would you happen to be a french speaker??


If im not mistaking Serenity boi on forum is @CloudedSunrise.


Thanks for the kind words bro
I have some anti-Heat stuff coming… a bit difficult without an Ultrahot though

Sorry… I know some basic French but nothing conversational


and I have already done countless attempts to recruit this lone cowboy




She omited to mention this to me (the girl part)…
Lone cowgirl is quite a cool statement. My regards to the serene gurl.



20 characters


I miss you, add me back on Discord. Make it again, revive your old one or something.

Who is DarkJailu girl?


I would love to but it ain’t happening :confused:


Correct, that is me.


Sorry for the misgenderimg, but well, cloudsunrise aint as readable as Rachel or Natacha…
Why wont you join the trollz btw? good xlan, great leader (also produces his own moonshine, youd be surprised to know the amount of knowledge and skills to do that without diying)


Right now I plan on reworking my heat mech to an energy free one.
Only when I am done with that I will consider to join a clan.
That is what i have decided for myself.