Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


thank you very much for helping me. Yesterday I spent all day driving and could not do my duties in the clanhey … where you are players with a big heart who misses emotions -the attempt of our clan to become the top 3 - is the only light ray in this marsh


But his clan is going to fall very soon coz killymachine isnt on since weeks


how to convince Serenity Sunrise to try to join … he is so afraid of losing his freedom :slight_smile:


Serenity has forum account.

I will tag him here yes or no?


Hey boys… look who’s number one!

Come on peeps… Trolls Fast is clan of the future

And look, doge is in there too at #4, and Mhylow at #8


Holy crap.

I wish you get your first medal :slight_smile:


Thanks boss! More importantly I want the team to get into Top 3!


CONGRATULATION! Good Job bro. Let you be rank 1… Let Trolls Fast be rank 1… FOREVER!


What about me I’d like to join


You’re already in clan lmao


Oh yeah, silly me lmao. I’m old and forget things alot


it’s like an attempt to betray :):):slight_smile:


Finally I completed the quest and Rank 5 again!


While I am on, I will try to get some members.


Miron, I tried to get @DarkJailu but he’s gone solo, maybe talk to him?

He also deleted his Discord so I’m lost


Dark Jailu is in Reign.


No he’s not


@cyanine @Miron_Mironovich already knows my mechs but still I will paste them here

I need a spartan carnage to make my mechs perfect and will be building a heat mech I have a full proof plan for it


Actually nvm he’s at HTK


Oh Yeah, cousin_joe gets his Holy Grail…


The one achievement I couldn’t get… win 10 Arena Battles in a Row


And beat Nabigator to get it… Double Awesome!!! :rofl:

Come on someone… join our clan!!!