Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


who left?


Another has gone… we have 2 spaces if interested


We’re dropping players faster than a womans pants at a Bill Cosby party


I always wonder who left


Hey everyone… Trolls fast is looking for a Rank 3 to Rank 1 player wanting to make SuperMechs history

SuperMechs has been consistently dominated by the same 3 clans for years: HTK, Reign and LLYL. We’d like your help in ending that era of dominance :smiley:

Trolls fast is on the verge of taking one of these 3 spots… we were only about 20-30 points out last season and keep getting closer… We just need that one special player to put us over the top… let us know if it might be you :smiley:


The offer above still active, so please hurry up!
We need your investment in our general target!
PS: We also don’t mind if some one very strong will help us and can temporary join us :slight_smile:


I want to add a personnal requirement :

The simplest :

Don’t quit BEFORE the end of the season


The door to the clan is open - rankl 1-2 player can join automatically


Hey, if you’re in the bottom 5 of one of the top 3 clans, why not be a top 5 in our clan?

Or, if you’re a top 5 in any clan ranked 4-10, why not join a group that will soon be Top 3? With your help of course? :grinning:



Great marketing


Sounds like one of these guys…


Come on people! We have fun in our clan! :rofl:


@cousin_joe I am dying to join your clan but I am only rank 5. Also, I dont want to ruin your clan just coz of me. I would like to serve under gr8 leader @Miron_Mironovich


Well, because there’s like no other Rank 4-1s we could find, yeah you could join.


Are you joking or really?


Let’s discuss, cyanine, my fellow forum genius. Who is strong here and can join Trolls?

I have @L4K3, @SeanChoi1870

Barely plays: @Soylent, @Transcendant

Upcoming: @SantaClemente




I vote for @L4K3. He is awesome


He’s in a clan and doesn’t want to leave yet



Whom likes to join Trolls?

  • Me
  • Me, still

0 voters

If you voted both Mes, post below your Rank and mechs.