Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


whats the reqmts tho


can i join? i have quite fully fused legacy items. is that acceptable?


We currently need a Strong and Loyal player.

As one of our members left, we have been kicked back down. So we need a new member.

From my memory, I think these are the requirements :

  • Rank 4 and Up, should have the potential to go to Rank 3 though.
  • Minimum of 6-10 wins everyday(?), but you can do higher than 11.
  • Probably Minimum Arena Points of 105 at the end of every season. (Rank 3, no stars)
  • Should have Reloaded Mechs.

Not sure though, consult Miron.


Damn, we 've got requirements in trolls ? :sweat_smile:
Let’s go @Miron_Mironovich, list them and add COOL with Loyal and Strong

See ya Trolls

Edit: @spiderpigdd is interested to join


If i’m troll and i join troll then i become realistic troll.
Lol…just a rhyme of mine.


dam thats too many wins for me


Okay then, 5 wins is the minimum.


You’ve been staying up too late


someone else wants to join ?


Does rank 5 playes even allowed on that clan?


sorry friend …right now only rank 3-1


some rank 1-2 players can join automatically… DIABLO -are you here


I’m rank 3 can I join


we need to make one replacement - the player is inactive - we will be happy for the active and fast progressing player-rank 3-2 right now


We need a player -conditions are the same


the offer is still active


auuuuuu… where you are - small trolls … in PvP battle you are a lot …but there is no one to join the Trolls clan


Your clan is great in my opinion.
No idea how to help you.


this evening I will have a little time-need to create a topic on the problems of the existence of the clan … run-up players … loyalty … recruitment and more


You people should fight to be in trolls.
Good clan, good members, great leader.