Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


I still have 20 minutes now … if you are not online - that evening


I’m online, but doing Arena.

Wait a sec…


@Miron_Mironovich check your PM
I can’t catch you in chat clan


let me join :smiley: I am a youtuber :smiley:

#25’ll be two with Dwight :rofl:
Maybe a spot free if Miron kick or if i leave…


why don’t u leave??LOL


this is my mech ok I am working on it :smiley:


Arena points still alive if you’re inactive it’s better for the clan :sweat_smile:


I am mostly active for 1 day 1 hour aleast or I won’t be on for a few days


Ho many arena points dude, 80-90? :poop:


73 ok bye I will come on tomorrow :slight_smile:


Just funny talk :sunglasses: no offense
I can be inactive and my clan can have a benefit with my average 110 arena points
so it’s better than leave the clan like a little rat :rofl:
See you sparsh


this is it ok now bye!!


BTW nice mech, continue to work on it :wink:


Mate…no top clans will accsept every youtubers.
Except if they have an good rank.


we need member again


JopE left, we need a new member.

Consult Miron.


JoPe returned.

Also, I would like to know why he left? He mentioned my name before he left and has left me in a confused state for a couple of days now… I have screenshots if you want them


Somebody, please correct the spelling ‘recrutment’ in the title to ‘recruitment’ :smiley:


we need good and loyal p[ayer