Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


We don’t know that for sure but it’s looking that way


Deleted some off topic posts. Keep it on topic guys, this is clan recruitment post :slight_smile:


Thank you Marija :+1:


Nice silver congrats Trolls


Very good! I‘d say I’m proud but u did all by yourselves


Thank you - Trolls from under another bridge @Shabbadoo52
and @Powtaito


Ah, bridges…


So did Se77en and Powtaito leave to join Troll Masters?


They left and started troll masters . Both are grateful for their short time with this amazing clan.


ik i’m so late but as a lot know i’m almost 100% inactive cuz of school
but anyway i just wanted to congratulate every trolls member specially miron for the top 3 and top 2
congratulations bro u did a great job with ur clan :slight_smile:
and and and cuz i’m here why not too… congratulations for @cousin_joe and @magicmech20 for reaching top 10
(still know it’s too late but sry) :slight_smile: :smiley:


Thanks modemer,

I appreciate the short time I was in your clan… thanks for not giving me a hard time about my transfer to Trolls… and thanks for the kind words

Happy New Year bro!


np bro
happy new year :slight_smile:


hello, i would like to join this clan for 1 week so that i could get a medal. also i need some tips for my mechs to make it better. if anyone can give me any than please send me an email.


Feel free to post your Mechs and we’d be happy to give you some tips


Check the Maxed Mythical Listing topic for his mechs


Thanks @SeanChoi1870 :wink:


Ha I wish I could join this clan :slight_smile:


Thank you, stay tuned… we are thinking of creating a development team… Maybe Rank 7-3… Trolls in Training so to speak :smile:


Well I’m only rank 9 lol.


That sounds more like job for the troll masters… we can teach u but u won’t get a medal unless u do it yourself… dont miss the Chance… me alone has over 100 medals… I can teach and so can our leader