Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


Would like to know how it all went down. I was out for the night, so missed the action.

Did Se77en join, or you guys did it on your own?

Some juicy details please.


We would do it without Se77en but we felt that Daddy would care for us.My friends promised to make a separate thread about it


They did it on their own. Se77en was proud of them. He may have only helped them to believe they could achieve greatness and they did. Congrats Miron and your clan mates . You all performed admirably . True joy comes from team achievements .


Hi, pilots. We could prove that we can fight for the podium … but it always happens in life-we need fresh blood in our veins … we need to change two of our brothers who want a little rest from this game … so everyone can try -the main requirement is the result on Friday-not less than a rank 2 stars 4 … the rest we will discuss at the correspondence


@Miron_Mironovich I am working on your surprise will hand over it to u in 1-2 hours


@Miron_Mironovich your surprise is finally complete. Sorry I took a lot of time. As I was out for 5 days. So, I will post it on another thread. Please, check it out. It is for all of your team mates. I will put the link here and if u like it please hit the like coz I will appreciated. One more thing


Thank you @SantaClemente! We will… No, we SHALL enjoy these profile pictures! :blush:


Do you still need another member?


Not at the moment, but if you’d post your rank and builds here or pm them to Miron, he/we can give you an answer


So in order to get it I would have to talk with Miron?


Is Trolls Fast still recruiting members???


you don’t have to be rude about it. I am just looking for a clan. What is wrong with that?


Hey Cody_Browning, there is nothing wrong at all with posting on this page! You’re always free to hit up our clan recruitment page. That’s what the page is for! Miron_Mironovich is our clan leader and is also in charge of recruitment. If you could PM him with your usual rank at the end of a season and screenshots of your mechs, that would be awesome. Thanks!


You are spamming the forums with your cries.


His words tend to get sticky, best to just read it while avoiding the insulting aspect.

As @nightfox485 said, everyone is free to hit this clan up, if requirements are met or are doable with the clan status, I’m sure Miron would gladly accept you


yeah it’s good and all…but this isn’t the Reign clan recruitment channel lol


We need to change the player who has accidentally joined. Requires a rank 2 stars 3 at least


According to the rankings list, Trolls Fast needs one more player… Wonder who it will be???
:thinking::thinking::thinking: Wish it could be me, but yall probably wouldn’t even consider me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s @Falcon1, strong filipino player.


Congrats @Falcon1!!! Wishing you and Trolls Fast the best of luck!