Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


If you’re Rank 3, you can join automatically :smile:


yea we need some of that good skull stuff


Maybe you guys will get some key wins tomorrow . Maybe King will give you free wins this week rather than other clans


We’d love that boss… you are after all one of us, a Troll at heart :grinning:


Ill fight back Joe, ill fight back.


Oh most gracious @Shabbadoo52, please bequeath your plethora of points upon the humble and lowly Trolls fast clan

We will be forever grateful and there will be stories and legends of that mighty hero that bestowed those first little digital pixels :medal_military: upon our clan for eternity


We will erect statues in your honor… The Mighty Shabbadoo!


Get that medal on your own mate. First because you can, your progress curve speaks for itself; second because you might feel bad about that later on.
Dont let me down


Oh no, don’t get me wrong… I’m coming for you later Lord Gorgon :smiley:

I gotta secure a medal for the tribe first though, then I make a play for #1


Thats the spirit,.!!If youre out, ill come out…


Trolls Fast is in a tight battle this week… I gotta play it smart… once we get our first medal though, the gloves come off and I start going for top spot

No worries, I got tons of patience… enjoy being king of the hill… for now :wink:


I say beware the rabbits this season


WTF? What you got against wabbits?
*hits blunt…
They are gentle docile cute loving creatures!
:gun: :rabbit2:


They do dig holes and pop up inadvertidly…


Congratulation Trolls fast :exclamation:

A very sweet … :3rd_place_medal: :exclamation:


You archieved it with …

  • patience

  • growing strongness

  • very good Clan strategy

  • cleverness

  • and without any help, like other clans need to do to save the 3rd rank



P.S.: next step will be to try to hold this spot :exclamation:


Congrats to Trolls Fast on 3rd place.

Very well deserved. You guys earned it. RESPECT.

Well done @Miron_Mironovich


We have achieved this only because we were one team and we want to do it again … but we need two new Trolls to repeat our achievement … Is there anyone who wants to join the team who changed the two-year history? … …


I will look for people in chat.



Invite Shingen Kai in clan, he is extremely good player.


Shingen Kai old name was Sacred… he leaved Trolls in the last day of tounament


Log in this morning
See Trolls at the third place

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Congrats guys!!!

Special thanks to @Miron_Mironovich, to be this kind of leader that we want to follow in hell !!!