Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


Thanks, I hope so too! lol


I’m really glad you went to Trolls Fast. It would be my clan of choice if I were not in HTK.

Good luck there, hope you guys take 2nd or 3rd spot this season.


I am sure that we can if we try . A little help never hurts either .


Looooool… are u on troll fast? Really? Congrats pretty boy.


I can’t tell if you’re being rude or not, but either way, no need for such degrading posts to my clanmates, please.


Your clanmate…??? It is not rude! He is an old friend.


k then but it sounds a lot like sarcastic disregards… I’ll take your word on it


You dont look at the profiles of forum members. That is.


Trolls Fast ROCKS !!!


We need to replace one player because of the long absence - does anyone want to join the persecution of the Llyl in the battle for bronze ?


requirements leader?


Get at least rank 2 on Friday


Too hard for me I can get rank 4 at highest.


I’m stuck in rank 11 because sealcbluerdx help me I quit I’m done


Good luck



Those who wish to take part in the fight for the top 3 can apply to @Miron_Mironovich, as Head of clan.
Since I can’t keep up the pace of the game, there’s a vacancy.

I standbying and freezing play at this TS format of game.

Good luck to everyone
Meet in arena at the best of times


Mate… you stay a little around the forum right? Youll be missed anyway. Did you talk aboit it with Miron?


Sure, Gorgonopotam, of course he knows.
:sunglasses: to believe that I’m on vacation, but my acc is overexposure.

PS So, is he boy or girl? :wink:


In the fight for the 3rd place is important every point of the arena - so we need to find a replacement for one non-active player - the requirement-to make at least rank 2 four stars on Friday.Someone wants to help change the history with us ?


My god mate, if im ever looking for an HR manager, ill call you right away.