Clan recruitment - Trolls fast


Trolls fast need two members…


Oh, cool.


Mate, you should put Troll fast in the titlle. Your clan is an excellent one, thatd be more eye catching.


Are there any requirements?

And can we leave at any given moment?


Well better to be 5+ rank and have ability play and grow up…
No one can forbidden to player leave a clan (not only ours) - it’s all on conscience of player… All details you can receive in PM by @Miron_Mironovich


Hmm… I don’t know if I should join or not… But that all decides on you all.


Then everyone will think that this is a troll.


Everyone, Miron has a great clan. He is a good player and leader, and also very friendly. If I were not in HTK, then this clan would be my next choice.

Best wishes and good luck to this clan.


You, you, you… I always remember you talking volumes about RR… Traitor! Hang him high!


Before being asked to join HTK, I requested a spot from Lannister. He gave me weird excuses and ignored the issue thereafter.

Some good people in Reign, but I quite honestly would not join after how I was previously treated, even if I were not in HTK.


So funny to see a reign member have a public sperg out now that they can’t hold first even with all their cheating.

I thought you were leaving anyway?


Wtf guys? Thats Miron’s recrutment thread…


Leaving RR? Why? What made you think that?


Leaving the game.

You made a post which implied you were leaving supermechs in favour of other games.


I just commented… But hey, that is an awesome idea, after all… Let me think, I’ll let you know in near future…


thank you all for the kind words, but I’m more than happy if I find two good players :slight_smile:


Can I join your clan perhaps?


If i wasn’t still in rank 7/8, i would, because i’m looking for a clan, but its hard to find it…


yes friend …you can


Ahh, okay then!