Clan Recruitment :-) Open to all

Hello Hello
We are a great “Top 100” clan when full. There are some spots available now and a couple coming available soon. We are all friendly and helpful to each other. Our chat is clean, supportive and positive. We battle together to test out new weapons and arena battle attacks, to become more powerful. Since the begining of Clan Wars we have only ever lost 4 battles. Not fanatical just looking for regular players to compliment our group. Have a great day everyone and message me if you are interested in checking us out. :slight_smile:
In Game I am BIGMADDAD and our leader is Serenity Scorpion. You can check us out in chat sometimes to if you have questions.


@BIGMADDAD can i join

I deffinetly want to join your clan and waiting for reply

Wanted to join on an alt, but I could not find the name.

I will check it out sometime. Thanks :smiley:

have 73 top clan
leader maxx.

my nickname this azamat.

Hey reaper I am on Pacific time zone in western Canada :slight_smile: Let me know when you are on in game or let me know what time you are usually here.

Hello my friend long time no chat :slight_smile: My son was 6 when he started the clan so the spelling of the name is a little messed up. Let me know when you are on in game or let me know what time you are usually here and we can get you a look at the clan.

I Like Gameing is the name of the clan but you can see our guys in the clan if you look for me BIGMADDAD or him Serenity Scorpion in game :slight_smile:


Thanks for the in game name :slight_smile: I will get my son to send you an invite when he is on line. Our best was Rank 45 so there is a big potential for going after the top clans in the future. I will also look for you around the same time you messaged me yesterday. I think that was around noon or 1pm. Pacific time

no need to look for me

I am glad you messaged me my friend :slight_smile: I am sure we chat in game and having you in our clan would be great. Talk to you soon, I am on and off the computer all day so we will hook up some time.

what is your nickname

what is your nickname?! please

I am BIGMADDAD in game as I am here. Are you on playing SM now??

yes i game super mechs now

Super I will get Serenity Scorpion to send you an invite to join us :slight_smile:

my daddy azamat. i arthur

im usualy on from 9- 18

9 am to 18 pm so yeah meet you then