Clan recruitment for top ranking players (feeder clan for others)

Hi guys, a couple players will be moving down to our feeder after this week and we will have 3 open spots for top rank players. We get the 2k win box every week (even last week on 3v3) and prefer members r4 or higher, although r5 players may be allowed to join if you message me or reply to this thread. Our current rank is 25th in the world, but we will almost certainly be top 20 next week after a few of our players change clans. Of you’re interested in reserving a spot, reply to this thread before reset and you will be allowed in directly after.


I think I have fought you before.

is your ign fyrestare?

Nope, I’m an OG with my own account.

whats your ign then bro? we may have, its pretty likely

FennekinFyre4 II
That’s the name of the account I think I fought you with.

Just checked replays, dont see ya man, but ive probably fought u before

my build:

Somebody I fought told me they would let me win if I joined their clan.
Which was WLGang 2.0

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Fyrestare is @Fyrestare


ya i thought he was, wasn’y sure because not many people spell it fyre

ya, looks familiar to me man

Hi. If You still have place I can join… my ranking balancing 7 to 5.

What rank are you right now my friend?

I have rank 6…

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(updated now)
20 char

Updated, 3 spots remaining