Clan Recruitment - Casual Players

Since you have range control, why not just use the Railgun instead of the Face Shocker? A lot more smoother, and you don’t have to reactivate your drone here and there.

i cant say anything without getting flagged im never gonna come back to the forum

Yes, but faceshocker isn’t premium, and a lot more player would have it than railgun. It’s just an example anyway.

Eternal X, I didn’t see you get flagged. I’ll take your word for it. Getting flag isn’t a big deal as long as you don’t get flag constantly.

Don’t give up on the forum so easily. It’s a great source of information.


I don’t know who flagged him, if he got flagged. It wasn’t me, all I’d tell him was to relocate his clan’s recruitment to another thread.

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I was wondering who flagged him. It’s good to know it wasn’t you.

Regardless, it’s perfectly in your right to ask people not to recruit in your recruitment topic.

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i deleted the messages that i got flagged on (all of them) bc i just came to forum today and i didnt really know what i was doing, and my clan needed better players so i asked if anyone wanted to join our clan, it got flagged then next thing you know, everything i said got flagged so i deleted the messages/

i tryed to un delete them idk if it worked tho

like i said, im new so yeah

Don’t worry about it.

Make use of the forum. You won’t regret it.

okay this is so i can have 20 letters

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If you want to recruit players, you can either start your own topic in the “Clan Recruitment”-part of the forums to advertise your clan or you can invite players, who make a post saying they are looking for a clan.

In both cases, you should tell them, why they should join your clan. Helpful information there would be

  • what goals does your clan have (reach rank X, chatting and chilling,…)
  • what requirements does your clan have (activity, wars, titans, weekly wins, certain language,…)
  • what did your clan achieve so far (beat which titan, reach X weekly wins and got this nice box,…)

You can see, which topics have the most replies and views, maybe check them out for ideas?


well im pretty sure my friend, (@Immortal_X) who is the leader of my clan has one but idk what the catogory is called

I know. but anyway, just saying that if you get the Railgun, then just use it on that build you have.

but how do you make your own category? ive only been here for like a week or so.

Sorry shoultz for using your page for our own clan recruitment, but can someone please tell us how to make our own page instead? I’m new here, and I’m just starting to get the hang of things.


Please note that clan is currently full. If you want to join, please PM me.

Clan have 3 spots open, 3 players have left.

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