Clan ranking system (?)

I really don’t get how clan ranking works; I’m a member of The Dark Side atm and I’m confused about the reason why those clans (except for bitter sweet symphony) are above us in ranking.


Every active player get some points for clan if winning pvp match, and lose points if losing.
Also important is rank of clan members. So it’s better to get rid of players who have low rank.


Correct :grey_exclamation:

But it does not explain how Clans with only losses (not 1 win !) can be ranked before other clans with a lot of wins :interrobang:

That must be a really weird math :grey_exclamation:



That, or the fact that clan with a negative ratio are ranked better than us, with a positive W/L ratio. I don’t get it. @Sarah247 any insight about that?

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Its bug.
Some clans dont lose points after end week, or get
random count.

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i think the main rules is how many players took high ranker spot, if all of ur member is top 10 solo player from number 1 until 10 ur clan is untouchable and deserve rank 1 spot

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If you’re in a casual clan, don’t pay attention to the ranks so much… just be in a clan where most of your friends are in. :slight_smile:

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It may be, but W/L ratio should be a thing imo :sweat:

@Fluxeon I’m not in a top clan as you can see, we are moving between top 15 and top 30 usually; nevertheless I’m curious about something that looks a lil weird to me.

Although your suggestion makes sense I haven’t any acquaintance nor friend in the game, so… I just know a lil the ones more active here on the forum and they all are in top clans where I can’t be since I’ve started playing fairly recently and I don’t have a mecha powerful enough to be accepted there :relaxed:

Today after login im have this screen:

Same screen i have every week in past year.
Leading clans are the same, there is no other competition. So if you want to get a medal, join one of these clans.

Again, that’s true but it doesn’t answer to why ranking seems so messed up.

Also, as I’ve written above, I won’t be accepted in these clans even if I wanted to join: I’m just Rank4 at the end of the week and my mecha isn’t powerful enough to compete there.