Clan Ranking (logic behind)


Thanks a lot @jonny for your answer :exclamation:


I knew most of it already, since Liran explained it to me once, BUT it still do not explain the …

  • Clan ranking from Clan “the Dedpool Army” (screenshot) with 1 loss (0 expert points) :grey_exclamation:

  • Single ranking my example, juming up 4 times higher, winning against a very low ranked (+ lower ranked), then winning against a higher ranked one


P.S.: and … such explanations could have been done more often + MAYBE 2 or 3 years earlier (:exclamation:) :wink: would have made the players more happy :exclamation:


BS aka lie. This sistem is only active since the SM reloaded.
If you actualy knew, you could have shared it like a nice and suportive participant of this forum.

Only way that would have happened was after weekly reset.And not yet Black Skull. While bronze or even silvet skull, you get to fight 2000 ish rabked players, by then the expert points arent active and your rank in ladder fluctuates alot.
It doesnt happen after 3-4 days after reset.
There you go, explained


Whats wrong with you :question:

I give you the honest advise to search for help in real, best would be a doctor :grey_exclamation:
Not joking, I mean that very honest :exclamation:

All you do is seeing a post from me, and you jump on it full of rage :grey_exclamation:

But I will help you …

NO, it is NOT a lie, since I never LIE, I dont like lies, so I myself dont use lies :exclamation:

1st time you are wrong with your post.

NO it is not. It is active way longer / long time before :exclamation:
I remember the exact day, when it was implemented :grey_exclamation: (got an e-mail from Liran about) Long long long before SM reloaded :exclamation:

2nd time you are wrong with your post.

“Could” yes, BUT I don’t have to :exclamation: Beside YOU would have been the first one jumping on it and calling it a LIE, as usual you do.

NO, it was NOT after the weekly reset.
Read my words “in the last 24 hours”, was middle of the tournament week.

3rd time you are wrong with your post.

Also incorrect. It was during I am Black Skull :exclamation:

4th time you are wrong with your post.

I also have to fight low rank players (x000 rank) as Black Skull :grey_exclamation:

5th time you are wrong with your post.

It did happen :exclamation: Thats why I posted it here, because it shows that something is WRONG with the ranking system :grey_exclamation:

6th time you are wrong with your post.

NO, still not explained :exclamation:

7th time you are wrong with your post.

Congratulation, you managed to put in one single post 7 (:exclamation:) wrongs, only because you are so full of hate about me :grey_exclamation:

Please search for help :exclamation:

And take your “BS” for yourself please :exclamation:



I think it’s time this topic was closed. This shit ^, continues to happen no matter what topic pops up. If you guys can’t debate shit without needing to argue. Please, ■■■■ off the forums and go to PMs. This shit gets tiring.


NO, no need to close this great Topic, where WE players got finally an answer, after 2 - 3 years asking for it, from the nice dev @jonny, only because ElMetre has again his daily 5 minutes :exclamation:



Please, do not quote me. I really do not want to continue in any topics you guys continue to argue in and not make any progress in.


Funny, you stepped in here, telling you dont like something, and after now, telling you dont like to be quoted. Strange. So just stopp posting here. Easy solution :exclamation:


It is a great topic, which gave a lot light about the current Clan ranking and Single ranking logic, BUT what I try / do with this topic, is showing that it still need a lot of improvments, otherwise the 2 bad examples could not have been happened :exclamation:

So I hope @Sarah247 and the devs @Mohadib and @jonny take this 2 bad examples serious, and maybe going to fix this issues :exclamation:


It is still confusing as it was left partially unanswered but it is better than any explanation we have gotten . Best and el metre have valid points. Hunting is part of the game and this system encourages it. Both are victims of and practitioners of hunting as am I. After all these years it seems to be more balanced than it was before . The ranking should be the combination of player accomplishments and clan accomplishments. That is what it seems to be currently and I don’t think we will be given an exact formula to master as players. Thanks @jonny @bestplayerintheworld and @El_Metre