Clan Metal Reign Update


Hello pilots.
This clan seeks new members on a weekly basis.
Our conditions are

10 wins a season minimum.
Inactives are booted after 7 days
Let the clan know how you are going in the clan chat
Ask for help if you need it
If you cant meet your commitment to the clan let me know so you dont get booted
Have fun

Currently looking for pilots rank 12 or better
Invites are open

Happy Battles


@Marija your clan name is being copied


I dont have a copyright on clan name or flag, so :confused: Cant do anything XD


There should be no confusion as my clan is Metal Reign and yours is Reign Forever.
Only thing that is common is the word Reign.


Its okay, we just joking lol
Btw my first clan was Reign, thats why I have reign in name again :wink:


Thats good to hear
Didn’t want to step on toes or upset anyone
See you in the arena
Happy battles