Clan Glitch/Bug?

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed or reported this.

But if you were to click one of the top three clans, the first two (RR and HTK) always show stats and players.

But whenever you’d click LLYL’s it bugs out sort of. This is what happens v

You may say, well maybe you haven’t refreshed yet? Nope, this happens even after refreshing. It just breaks the game.

I’m not gonna immediately accuse any one of cheating. But I do find it weird that this only happens to LLYL. It was the same last week, only waited til now to report it to see if it was just a one time thing. It’s not. @Sarah247

That’s because their leader is not in the clan anymore and the clan is currently bugged. It has already been reported. It’s known as the ghost clan glitch.


Ghosted Clan , 50/50 chanse of being disbanded

Oh, that explains it then. Hadn’t heard of this “Ghost Clan Glitch” til now. But thanks, I at first assumed he had already rejoined.

Nope, basically when clan leader quit there are 2 scenario:

  • leadership can be passed to someone else randomly or
  • clan remain without a leader

If the second case happens there’s no way to accept members, so leader can’t join again, and that’s what happened to llyl.
So it’s up to the stuff try to solve the problem, otherwise clan will probably die in some time.