Clan Coins Bundle on Sale NOW!

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What is correct …

2 Premium Packs (picture) :question:


1 Premium Pack (text) :question:

Pretty important to know :exclamation:



OMG!!! Thank you SM team for another try to get our money.

I will never donate anymore until you will realiase good update. (Base update is shit)


The anwser is obvious:

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:crab: Item Portals Are Dead :crab:


I’d rather spend 20$ on AQW.
I literally get 3 months worth of easy quests,tons of free shit,member gear and areas AAAND…
Thousands of premium currency coins,for me to spend on the most awesome gear.

Who tf would buy this?

Guys this is seriously not bad. Remember the 1k deals everyone loved for 5 PP? This is the same price and very close. You get 2 PP. 500 tokens-335 tokens=3 PP and 165 tokens. 3 PP and 165 tokens+2,500 titan coins=4 PP, 165 tokens, and 500 titan coins. 1,500 arena coins is likely useless for everyone, but 250k gold and 100 fuel are nothing to laugh at.


:rofl: item portals are dead :rofl:

:skull: Item Portals are Dead :skull:

:stop_sign: Have trust in the devs guys :stop_sign:

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:100: Item Portal Due In The Next Week :100:

If it doesn’t come then we can spam the Devs for not staying loyal to there word

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Thanks for this! I got 5 legends from the three packs and saved the tokens. FlameWave, Mighty Prot, and 3 food. :smiley:


You can actually buy 4 premium packs with this. 2 by offer + 1 with tokens + 1 with clan coins and you still have more than 150 tokens left.

But, the fall rates are miserable, so there can be 4 premium packs with 18 crap epic and 2 legendary (trash too).

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Sorry that you’re unlucky.

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