Clan Bug repair required

I am the leader of the top 10 clan …:::DESTINY:::…, but after a reset of ranks in arena, i lost my clan, i don’t knw how, maybe its a bug. please help me.

Sighs, linking other threads.

That’s good to hear, we thought you had quit the clan on purpose since you said in clan chat you were thinking to close the clan :sweat_smile:

Clan is slowly dying, we already lost 7 members.
@Sarah247 stopped answering to pms about the issue, and I’m starting looking around too since it seems no one will provide a solution.

@Sarah247 clan is dead by now: members are halved, I’ve quitted it too.
That’s kind of sad, and I don’t get why you stopped following this issue without explanation while still posting in other random threads in the forum. Even a “nothing can be done” would have been better.
I get you probably have plenty of stuff to pay attention to, but it’s not nice to feel ignored and Ijust wanted to point it out even if it’s probably useless.

I remember this bug… didn’t it hit Jezu’s clan and LLYL too once?

guys shall i make a new clan??

You were gone for many days without a word and TS team didn’t helped when asked, most of the active players quitted the clan at this point :sweat_smile: