CieverName's Guide to sharing a screenshot ingame

Step one… either use any free screencapture program, or if you don’t trust them just press the printscreen button on your keyboard with the game in front of you. Open paint, paste the pic, save it and done.

Upload the pic to imgur or whatever image hosting service you use. Copy the url by highlighting it and right clicking. Then click the chat in super mechs and press Control+V and press enter key. You’re done.

:thinking: why you not use snipping tools for taking a picture? It’s build-in window programe and you not have to upload picture on imgur to use “thier”? url just crop and click “copy”? Button then ctrl+v in reply box then hit reply done!
:thinking: free screencapture programe?
Obs? Action? :thinking:

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@Imaizumi I didn’t want to start naming programs at the risk that someone will think maybe it’s a virus. But I guess I can for some well known programs, you answered my question by talking about obs… anyway.

The main ones that I know of are:

For screenshots only: Gadwin Printscreen

For screen recording: Hypercam 2.0, Camtasia, Obs, Fraps. I think that’s all the good ones.
Here simple as a click of a button