Christmas stuff updated

Should be from 25 - 150 tokens to buy special color kits that are multiple styles on holidays. also get perks like a christmas tree perk, elf hat, bunny ears, (ect.)



dude… most people (like myself) can’t get around 250 tokens cause they are not pros, plus they probably will have a sale a week before holidays so people spend for tokens so they can “buy” this special items you are thinking about
also items that you can only get on holidays sound like a bad idea, specially if your off enjoying your holiday!

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8 months early??? You need to give them more time than that!




i said non pros! see:

i never mentioned f2p

I am no pro but still able to gather some tokens

Wow you’re just like me !!! I get many tokens and even then I do not buy tokens! :smiley:

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what i mean is i do get tokens but not many!
that’s my point

Strongly disagree, unless you mean cosmetic items like perks/color kits only.

They kinda already have this.



what does that F2P stand for?

Free to play

So you aren’t F2P but still you can’t get many tokens? Gosh…

I know you meant sth else but you said it in wrong way :stuck_out_tongue:

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nope… i made mysefl clear saying non pros, not f2p
i rest my case
(and im a f2p)

I updated plz tell me any suggestions

I updated it is special colors with multiple styles + perks

i’d like to see a Christmas tree torso :eyes:
maybe add special evens during holidays would be a good idea

what did you mean by this??? multiple styles? ^^^^