Christmas presents between players


It came to my mind that if we even won’t get so much from Tacticsoft for Christmas we can give at least ourself something.

What would be if you could receive and send presents (items).

Sending: 6 presents (items)


  • rare item: 10 000 Gold

  • epic item: 25 000 Gold

  • legendary item: 50 000 Gold

  • mythical item: 100 000 Gold

Receiving: 4 presents (items)


  • rare item: 10 Token and 50 000 Gold

  • epic item: 25 Token and 100 000 Gold

  • legendary item: 50 Token and 250 000 Gold

  • mythical item: 100 Token and 500 000 Gold

You could send and receive the presents on the 24th, 25th and 26th of December.

  • yes
  • no, never
  • other ideas / changes (please explain)

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Thank you for your attention.


Christmas trading…? NO


I actually approve of giving and receiving a gift. I like giving. One time thing, yet cost more. I say it to cost more tokens on both sides.
A player decides to give you a gift, Say, a Legendary/Myth. Yet he or she can’t just give you it. Both parties have to pay the shipping. That be 200-400 tokens, on each person. The person that gives pays 200-400 tokens and to claim the gift cost 200-400 tokens. Tis the season of giving. Not a trading, yet giving.


trading …never…i wontsee more hackers



how will the price for sending, getting a legendary item be 50 tokens? That means the cost is two thirds of a premium box and thats a nono for T-soft here. (the sm coins are just an “EXTRA” they are easly farmable)

Multi accounts (I am guilty myself I have 2 accs) send, recive items with no problem. also a nono for T-soft.

extra point: sending, getting myths as a present is just completely out of the question for Tsoft.
I rest my case your honor


Ts would never do this. Unfortunately. And even if they did it wouldn’t be very rewarding.


Be more like(from the 12 days of Christmas that is)
Day 1: 1k gold
Day 2: 2k gold
Day 3: 3.5k gold
Day 4: 4.5k gold
Day 5: 5.5k gold
Day 6: 7k gold
Day 7: 8k gold
Day 8: 9k gold 5 tokens
Day 9: 10.5k gold 5 tokens
Day 10: 12k 7 tokens 1 mix box (like a free item box you get every few hours)
Day 11: 13.5k gold 10 tokens 1 mix box
Day 12 15k gold 10 tokens 1 forune box with bad drop rates.


maybe you are right :disappointed_relieved:


Im not trying to be mean. Im just saying what i think ts would do


I know; it’s just disappointing


I understand.


I actually approve of this idea, but it can be exploited in a way


I would love to get a free max myth Mercy for the low low price of 100 tokens, not op at all.


A game called Tanki Online implemented christmas gifts. You could send different badges to users, and the devs attached events to receiving badges (most badges = winner). Things worked out well because you had to be a certain rank to buy gifts using in-game currency, and the time needed to get to that rank wasn’t worth creating alts for.

It could work with SM, but there would need to be a lot of changes, so this really isn’t feasible. Trading items will always be a no until the Armory gets implemented.


How about we think of it this way: Players can give only 1 present to another player. The giver will get nothing, but the receiver just… gets it. A gift could be something random from the items that are not on a mech. Can someone give me a HeronMark for christmas? Thx. :wink:


That’s what I need. Give me the Heronmark, and not @destroy8839III ? Sorry @destroy8839III , I need it more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: