Christmas is soon nerds!


yeeeee christmas is around the corner , 1 more month!

What if Tacticsoft WILL give us some goodies! 3x premium packs Perhaps? ;3;

Other than that , have a good day y’all


inb4 another color kit discount


Also Cyber Monday 27th / Black Friday 24th is coming so hopefully…


Free boxes?
Box sale discounts?
Double Myth—err— legendary drop rates?

What is this? The old SM version?


I want 2 boxes legend and 1 mythical that plows me happy while they are good things …


Im pretty sure they will do something on black friday or cyber monday only a OLDSCHOOL player would know

I want the ol’ legacy healer drone


Christmas hat discount. Jesus i love that moment.


and of step rebates of the boxes epics and boxes of 3 letters epics


Well, something is better than nothing… I hope it’s not more BUGS. :slight_smile:

Will it be half gold each? :laughing:


as long as a bug does not happen like the last one that did not let you fight in the tournament everything is fine


It cant get any cheaper LOL


Maybe it’s free:v what a good discount:v


It can.

Can you imagine running a bigboy (or any boss mission) and from your box drop… poof! 1 christmas hat.

Congratulations. :slight_smile:


or that they give you a mini big boy of ornament for the workshop:v


What if the bugs are half-priced? Like, we only have to lose half our progress and not all of it?


1 gold for 1 Thousand christmas hats


They cost inventory space tho


So, this is great offer! Every player receives 1000 christmas hats and we are screwed with inventory space forever. You cannot fuse it, you cannot dump it… This is CHRISTMAS BONUS WITH CAPITAL C AND B!!!


I don’t care, because i will get 1000 legendary christmas hats :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


… it’s not that hard to buy more space.