Children Chat For Childrens

Can you create a some children chat, for guys, which age is: 7-12.
P.S. I made that idea, because in global chat we can`t find children gamers. And children needs theitr own chat.


Hmmm good idea, although we can’t tell who’s a child and who isn’t but still there is validity and logic behind the idea.

…there is will be a some small question, something, looks like: “My age is under 13 years”.

Pedobear confirmed.


I like this idea !

But it will be a little bit difficult, since the game require age of 13 (if I am not wrong about) !



I have no problem whatsoever telling who is a child, and who is not…:smile:

that is so true you beat to answering this

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Oh god no thats from rezero


Maybe so, and maybe not. Yet when the question and ethics privacy comes to light, age verification is the only way. Right now giving your birth date is the policy, and ONLY the server/website is authorized to do such a thing besides IP Address verification or tracking as well. Sorry that’s the universal policy of internet for you.

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im pretty sure this is a pedobait
but if not ._. dude u cant play “legally” this game untill you grown up


why not… but my age still 13 years

then u r on the corner of barely legal xD
kids under ur age arent allowed here because they arent mature enought to manage a game with paypal or at least that should be the reason u can make a teenager chat to players from 13 to 17 and then the general from 18 and on

13 is fine in this game, minimum 13 years of age, but your idea is terrible.

so what if we are 13 what has it ever done to you?

Hello im a children pls invite me to this chat. Are the other children in that chat sexy? Thank u


hmm don’t know about that last inqury

._. could you read?
im just telling you that you r ok and younger guys r not thats how the game is i dont have to do anything with that
i dont have anything with childs, actually im a teacher and love my job

oh okay sorry i didn’t mean to, oh well