-cherry- is quitting! .. Au revoir!☺


Guys as already u know im -cherry -
i m now leaving sm .hope soon all bugs and issues will be solved.im now in a position to not able to play anymore . Already lots of my frnds left or migrated to bd i will follow same
It was nice meeting to all of you different guys and making lots of real friends. I played for only 9 or 10 mnth but i enjoyed a lot of it . To put short it was a wonderful experience as long it lasted ! I hope all of my frnds become a top player 1 day
Thank u for your support guys .!:blush:


:evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:(20 character limit)


Your cherry… My bro ( in this case bru) why doeeeeer


You shoulda told me you were cherry… Thought you were a boy…


Hi rasberry my friend …we can remain in touch on fb if u want . Pm me anytime :slight_smile:


so u are joining BD ??


Ok…i’ma try sime bd now


i have started it not long ago (two days) it is very time consuming


Bye Belle, hope all will be good for you.
I tried BD, didn’t quite like it, i hope you will enjoy it tho.
Do pop around SM for some friendly matches, and a cup of tea.
Best of luck


I remember matches against you! I really enjoyed them. Shame, shame, shame you are leaving! Good luck!


Lol mordulec same here i liked playing against your pushers even when you had counters and with my pusher i was reluctuant to play match as you would have learned rear orbit trick and i still would have lost as u had 1 counter advantage but i was not able to resist myself xd i hope u join top clan soon :wink:also haha no shame as i almost never quitted any pvp rank match(99%) nor was kicked even once from any clan top or bad in my history of game play :


Maybe you can be my supermech mentor , i was thinking of getting back in supermechs , maybe u could help :blush:


I hope we see again, cherry.
People keep leaving because the game is shet.


20 people work on the game, bugs can be fixed for many weeks (for example, a bug with clans) dont worry, bugs are gradually fixed, i think you should wait for a global update :stuck_out_tongue:


If they really work, they would find cure for cancer by now, not just fix bugs.


lol, lm 100% sure that at least most of the bugs will be fixed :wink:


Yea, they proved us how they fix the bugs. Tell ‘its fixed’, and few minutes after, you meet with 10 new bugs


Well, usually these are small bugs, they do not interfere with the game, and just do not help, lol


OK, I get it, you support the admins.


Lol, why did you decide that?