Check the resist on the torso


There is an assumption that this torso (Ligtning Platinum Vest) does not have a declared resist, since it is almost always the first blow to my resist 117 that turns out to be 350-360 damages. At the same time, I almost never hit damage = 300+. even in negative resist!
After the ddos attack, when I was able to enter the game, I was happy to see the damage that was really in the resist! Damage was 190-250 damage. But the next day everything returned to ignore the resist on this torso.
video as an example

I was once struck by a “night eagle” for 350 damage. Yes, in resist 117 - the first move of the enemy. Sorry I did not save that fight.

@Berserk40000 @Smirk Check, please


Just really bad luck I assume for now


True, but I will still post it to the guys


it was only after the ddos ​​attack, and I received a torso for a very long time and always strikes me 300+
if it was bad luck, a lucky punch, then occasionally I would see damage on me = 190 + 200, isn’t it?


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Unfortunately I could not take a screenshot, I did not have time, I was surprised. Now in the raid with the resistance of 114 Malice beam hit 87. screen - 170-114=56 max dmg!

Yesterday I beat titanium, titanium resist is lowered to -88, I hit topoprom at 288, with resists obviously something is wrong! 2