Cheaters continue to play

I promised to publish a video as some players use a bug with the reset level and the company.

Tacticsoft(Jess) got the video from me in the mail and already more than a month no action, the bug remained, cheaters play.
Maybe now you will fix the problem!!!

PS. Jess I will keep my word, and you’re not-(


Can any of the moderators / staff please stop the amok persecution maniacal :exclamation: :question:

It’s now the 3rd or 4th thread he opened with sensless accusations.

Every single time he LOSE a battle he runs maniac :exclamation:

It is ridiculous :grey_exclamation:

Seems he talk to much with his clan “friends” and the result is his paranoia.

And NO, it is not me @Malicewolf, it is their Clan (NOT all members, but some) running attack after attack after attack, because they fall so deep and cannot manage it :exclamation:

Just a fact, if you like it or not :grey_exclamation:


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Isn’t he just posted a link to his videos how to make the level reset?
Haven’t seen any specific accusation here. Maybe there was some in the videos but its just too much time to check out five different videos… so I havent done that.

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the videos really need to get to the point. I got half way through the first before I had a life’s too short moment and closed the tab.

what are they supposed to demonstrate?

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we can do nothing against cheating bug pff

Paranoia god level !!!


lo único entiendo es como hacen para reiniciar campaña y consigan cosas con el bug, pero eso ya tiene, muchos lo hacen pero no lo dicen, paranoia puede ser, años y años de bugs y más bugs en supermechs, dudo siquiera el 90% sea legal entre los tantos cambios sufrió el juego XD!

Instructions not.clear - ended up deleting my main account WTF :fearful:

Tried this bug but it’s so hard to do and u will have to start from scratch again, only use is that u get to play the campaign again but loose all ur fuel and coins -_-

I’m pretty sure there is some other way by which the top players r exploiting this bug


is this a bug?