Cheater accounts


So there are still a great number of accounts floating around that clearly were made to abuse to campaign chest glitch. This is extremely unfair to players that spent money for actual tokens. Not only that but more OP opponents in ladder that SHOULDN’T be there to begin with, which is unfair to all players. :frog: :coffee:


I claim the same thing twice and so far they have not done anything …
Almost all Spanish-speaking players know the bug.


That’s very unfair to players who spend literally thousands for their accounts which arent even as good as these OP cheat accounts. -.-
Does it still work???


whats the glitch thing?


That’s unfair if not all players knows it :joy::joy::joy: jk


Im not going to say it but it lets u get infinite mythicals and fusion. I couldnt use it because I finished the campaign and opened all boxes the day it dropped. </3