Cheat Accounts on Supermechs


It would take less than 10 minutes a day to take out cheat account :frowning:


Too much effort. Next!


Look Sarah there is on of them now…Fluxeon

He same guy that give out your facebook info and make you delete account :frowning:

Now he run around saying he second greatest wizard of all on supermechs lol


NONSENSE story Happy “Mr. Campers” Poppers.


Are u guys going to do anything about these hack accounts? They are causing many problems like messing with top clans.
They have fully fused mechs and all the mythicals they want, not very fair to players that spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in real money… only to be beat by their superior flawless mechs. :unamused:
Also ZION is still lurking around causing all sorts of nonsense.
I’m waiting for you guys to fix all this nonsense.


The real question is: Why hasn’t ZION been banned yet? He has literally been here for months causing a lot of trouble to all the top clans. He also has been hacking tokens and SM credits.

Also he didn’t pay anything, so that makes him clear for ban. Get the hammers out.


Gossipy247 is the account fluxeon give us. I will be honest Sarah I read the facebook account :frowning:

Then he rant like madman…im serious…like a crazy person about you…non-stop for days Sarah this and Sarah that.

Sarah if you get off on others pain and fluxeon say you do…Here is perfect chance for you…ban fluxeon and all other cheaters.


Who wouldn’t start ranting if they don’t get a reply for an urgent matter in over a week?

The “Community Manager” is supposed to pay attention to the feedback and complaints he/she receives, and address them as soon as possible.


What urgent matter ?


That ridiculous BUG that prevented wins from counting for high ranked clans that went on for NEARLY TWO MONTHS… for one.

Then there’s other more personal account related matters too, but that’s not for you to know. :slight_smile:


The other…I guess at it…Color Kits

Thats not personal lol



We are working to investigate every alleged hacker, cheater or exploiter that is sent to us.
If you have someone to report we need all the information you have on that player. The more information the faster it is to investigate.

If you have someone send it into


Months without Color Kits :joy:


Yes, you see that fellow with three max fused mechs weighing 1300+ playing in 3v3 ladder? That one who joins any clan he wants without permission? The one with tens of thousands of tokens without spending any money? Yes… I’m talking about ZION, his ID is 20074930.


thats a lot of info right there sarah
Enought to ban him easily I’d say


Zion was banned from the game.
Please message me if you see him again.


Me and flux were chatting with him last night. An IP ban may be needed. He’ll just keep making accounts otherwise.
His account was named " ZION" (with some spaces in front).
He had an overweight mech with all sorts of weapons and crap. He doesnt really seem to play tho…


How would you explain this, then? Very nice ban.

This happened just 10 minutes ago.

gud werk meng




Lol i see he was banned.
Ban dosent mean…No acces to game?