CHEAP Era (title atleast 15 char.?) 😐


what if we have an era where everything is cheap . Cost per unit , structure , also usage of energy will be lower . Maybe 1/4 of the normal prices .

imagine having bigger armies flying and bigger wars . and many more possibilities .

what u guys think? :slight_smile:


it would all be scaled so kinda pointless…


To this specific idea, I would say no. Only because the way the game settings are set though :slight_smile: We couldn’t make that a world specific thing. It would be a game changing setting that would happen across all worlds.

BUT, I’ve actually been working on an event idea with the underlying points you suggested. Bigger armies, bigger wars, quicker building. Instead though, I used the idea of Havoc for this event. Havoc is usually fun for newbies because it’s easy to build and they can explore more of the game’s functionality without the experienced players coming and knocking them out before they even start.

Keep an eye out for the topic when it comes out :slight_smile:


reminds me of simmens :’(

bring back simmen bring back havoc events <3 :smiley: