Chatting while farming


Farming takes a significant amount of playtime while being rather boring.
I would like to have the opportunity to use the chat while farming with a little notification to pop up when I have to click for the next run. That would be very nice :slight_smile:


This is a very good idea! I was thinking about going further. Why not set up the Autopilot and let it grind, while you may go to the workshop and use other unoccupied slots to test various builds? that would be nice! Great idea, bro!


Something like this?

(btw,the screenshot was taken before I used these tokens a couple days back)


Yeah, just not the start page with notifications from the chat, but the chat page with notifications from the campaign.


That (!) could be universal.
It would work everywhere.


it would be a good idea so we sure spend more on refills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can see a half transparent chat, that fades away as it progresses.


I wanted to make it transparent but…What do you expect from a 5-minute edit in Paint?


Its pretty good for a 5 min job


Hmm leme make a cooler example (maybe lol)


I just wanted to showcase the concept there.
But yes,please.
Make it more beautiful than my quick painting :slight_smile:


Off-Topic: You could try paint net, it’s a free alternative to paint, very intuitive and with more nice features (transparency, layers,…)


I just wanted to illustrate the concept.
Didn’t mean to make anything artistic.

(But thanks for the tip,anything better than Paint will help me
It has layers?
I already love that thing!)


:blush::blush: Make sure I will (2000000000)


I love the idea we have needed something like this for a while




Here you go! :blush::blush:


@Sarah247 I think we got a game worthy Idea here


With a good example I guess is good what do you think?


hi guys this is a great idea it get boring when you farm a lot this is my 100 time farming