Chat Fights in a nutshell

The Fight

So, I pissed this boy off saying that Grave Diggers is the best legs, now turned into a grammar fight lmao


That guy looks like one of the most massive idiots in supermechs.



If only I was in chat to see what else happened.


"Cyanine Grammar Lose"


Oh man, I wish this went on for longer


Well, it actually did start about 5-8 minutes before I took that screenshot.


Are you really fighting with some kiddo on a sm chat? lol


i had a fight like that with tacocat (not the leader of the tacotech clan.just some roleplayer)
they had a myth reckless beam and i just pmed them to remove it.they got extremely buthurt.
the thing that was the dumbest part was that he said that i also used a myth reckless… this dumbass cant tell the difference between heat savagry and phys reckless beam…


… Did he got anything else stronger than the Reckless? If not, what you did is b o i




i havent seen em in a while,but i think they still have it…