Charges ... what happened to them


Lol what happened to the charges. Are they not dropping or what??


if there are charges but get a charge is extremely difficult epic appear and I think they rise to myth rank and the charge does not need energy to work so it is very good for a physical



friend because you had to put the picture I want that charge and do not give it to me I never get out alive from the enrgia mechs for the reason that the hook is occupied once and the piltos are trolls and away and when I occupy the hook they use teleportation and that’s my purpose


I think you better do a physical mech or do not survive in this game well I have a budget :v


i got 1 on my newbie acc
i think its more something about the weird random drop


I just got one today and that’s my 3rd one


Here is mine


ok so there is a change to get them


Yes, a chance but they are extremely rare to drop for some users it seems.
It is something to do with them having their own slot (I mean they are not a “top weapon” or a “leg”), but then grappling hook drops quite often…

I didn’t get one for a very long time - I more or less got at least 2 of most other things before I got one and it is the only one I ever got. Maybe message to support and tell them you are having trouble getting one, it is nearly christmas!


Just got my Charge Engine out of Armor Breaker Portal


yes its epic base btw so it is suposed to be easier than other items
on my old acc i got 3
1 from login box that is suposed to drop a legendary
1 from fortune box
1 from league reward
on the newbie got it on fortune box