Charges drop rate

To be honest, charges are pretty rare, at least for me. I never actually got a charge after SM Reloaded. So I think charges shouldn’t be so rare, at least not rare as they are now. How many charges have you got after SM Reloaded, guys? I got none. Just make them drop more often. :3

  • Yup, I think charges drop rate should be increased.
  • No, I think charges drop rate should stay the same.
  • It doesn’t matter for me.

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I’ve got like 25 charges in last 4 months.

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Wow. How did you got so many?

Playing normally.
That’s a post I wrote times ago, but pretty much explains why you are less likely to see a charge when flipping an epic.

:confused: :confused:

Get about 10 charges since SM Reload update.

At first I got no charges, but suddenly in a week I got 10, and equipped one for each of my mechs.

Wow! That’s interesting.

They are just as rare as any other epic item.

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before reloaded charges were like in every box but now they’re like gold

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Ive only ever gotten 1

Luck will probably pick up for you…

I got 4

Charges don’t seem too rare for me…I am always getting charges…I have three mechs which I think all have charges…and I also have 2-3 extra charges…soo yeah…they aren’t that rare

at least for you… :confused: i got zero :frowning:

I’m not sure how many charge modules I already got as I used several to level other items.
But I got at least 10 so far I think.
Right now I still have 1 legendary on my main mech and an epic one each on the two secondary mechs as well as 1 epic charge unused in inventory.
These 4 are more than enough and I still keep getting some every now and then which end up as fodder for other items.
Therefore there is no need to increase the drop rates of those charge modules.

What should get some increased drop rates are the l-m only items like Magma Blast, Valiant Sniper, etc. so that more players get to enjoy those items instead of just a few lucky ones, a few rich ones or any player using underhanded means to get them.

The entire algorithm is terrible itself, it needs a full new system.


I haven’t got a single Charge since SM Reloaded :frowning:

Me either :frowning:

Only one(from the boxes when you first open the game after SM reloaded)