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I hate this.

It’s seriusly?
100+ Resistance?


I figure the devs really want us to use those lightweight single-shot resistance drainers. But I’m gonna hold out even so.


Annoying, yes. Impossible, no. Assuming you can get mythic res, you too can have god-like resistance.

If not, then that’s unfortunate… P2W game, I’m afraid.


P2W games are just sht.


now they used this against me - because of this my opponent lost))


100 res on heat means 100% victory over any heat! Drones begin to hit 10 damage, weapons for 40 damage. I just go out when I see resistance from the enemy.


It hardly means guaranteed victory. I beat 100+ res dudes regularly. It is hard, but not impossible. Having good amounts of res helps, and heaters can often focus on heating and gain the advantage that way.