Changing the reward system in the RAID mode

EN: change the reward system in RAID mode. Remove the reward for a place in the top players. And make a system that increases the reward for every 100 points. How do you like the idea of gentlemen and ladies?
RU: измените систему вознаграждения в режиме RAID. Уберите награду за место в топе игроков. И сделать систему, которая увеличивает вознаграждение за каждые 100 очков.Как вам идея господа и дамы?


-_- did not understand a thing

He said that in raid need remove top list and give tokens in system like every 100 points give some more tokens ( for example 100 points is 20 tokens, 200 points 30 tokens, 300 points 40 tokens and etc)


no way this is gonna considered


Nawet. Zlote paczki premium mogly byc za zloto te cale legendy paczki premium. Za zloto

At least someone understood me. Hurrah