Changing the arena back to 1v1 and 2v2 and 3v3 not just 2v2


because with you people changing it to 2v2 u lost some good players and u lost money so if u will please change it back if u do i appreciate u so much. please and thank you are getting a lot of people hating the game now because of it.:disappointed_relieved:


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10th topic about changing 2v2


oh well it is all good


It actually somehow rose from 400 to even 600 active players in the arena at one point.

Still mantaining an evrage of 500 , more than before the 2v2 update.

So who died? Who quit? idk


I am claping right now.


I’m against this, I like 2v2 more.


Sound’s like you don’t have problem xd


Please :’(


You still didn’t create sec mech?


Lol he has three mechs before the update,he wants 3v3 back


I did (and it’s almost fully mythed) but I still hate this update…
I hate the new arena.
No satisfaction.
No fairness.
Even though I get easy wins sometimes they’re worthless to me.


I feel ya.
My opinion is that i don’t really hate this update.
But still…i miss 1v1.


I am with you bro


Our poor little 1v1 and 3v3…
And fairness,strategy and all the good…


Ehh…probably in the future will be back.


I seriously hope and pray for that to happen!


Pray for supermech.



1 prayer said = one more 3v3 ranked battle like in the hood old days.
Everyone,get to your churches fast!!!