Changes to premium account

Greetings, Pilots!
So, this is the current deal:

Let’s analyze it from the perspective of a very active player, with nearly fully fused 1 mech, who grinds BB missions to get gold and boxes, and who already burned all the legacy items.

  1. Add Free gameplay: WTF is this? I have already add Free gameplay, I regularly purchase tokens. I even feel cheated again, because on Android they cancelled 2.5 k bonus for watching commercials… In general, no BONUS for me.

  2. Extra PVP gold & XP: this is what makes me laugh most: so at the cost of 1250 gold per month I can count on extra 50% gold and XP from 0 gold and XP for battles with quitters… Wait, but is not 50% of 0 still… ZERO? I have to double check… but nope, it is only PVP, no campaign gold and XP… Sorry NO BONUS for me…

  3. Additional HP in campaign: well, this would be a good feature, BUT I have a 1950 HP mech and I grind Big Boy on Normal, so that I can reap the best benefits. It is lightning fast, I do not use ANY power-ups, and I only destroy structures for additional gold. I kill all the minions losing about 400 HP and after killing BB I still have like 1200 HP. Sorry, NO BONUS FOR ME.

So, @Sarah247, @Mohadib, @Elcent, why should I even bother with purchasing the premium account? Listen to my proposed changes, then…

  1. Add FREE gameplay: it is good, but if you notice, to purchase the premium account you need to purchase tokens, so this makes the gameplay add-free. It does not make very much sense, but still, I see no problem with that.

  2. The increased gold and XP should cover ALL GOLD AND XP EARNED IN THE GAME, including the campaign. No questions asked, besides, this was the former shape of the old good premium account.

  3. Extra HP in campaign: it is a good feature for low-tier players, should remain in the bundle.

Now, the additional features. In my opinion the premium account should give benefits to ALL PLAYERS, and I suggest the introduction of a system of DAILY CONTAINERS. This is a solution similar to Wargaming’s World of Warships. Once you purchase the premium account, besides all the current free extras (2 free mix boxes, monthly specials program, in game purchases of boxes, etc.) you are entitled to receive 1 CONTAINER per 24 hours. And there are several classes of containers you can select every day (it is your decision what you need every day):
Class 1 - box container: it contains a certain number of item boxes (like 5, e.g.) you receive additionally to help you boost your fusion power. This box will be priceless for those, who grind heavily for items in the campaign, but burned their legacies. I have currently 2.5 million gold, but I am not willing to pay 50 k for a box of 3 commons (with the prices of regular boxes increasing with every click). This container would help me a lot. Plus, it could give you 1 legendary item per month - guaranteed.
Class 2 - gold container: with this container you receive some amount of gold (e.g. 50 k per day, similar to the bonus for daily wins). So this container will be priceless for all those who are still stuck with legacies and who want to fuse their mechs fast. If you select this container every day, you end up with addtional 1.5 million gold per month. This is significant.
Class 3 - good luck container - This container gives you a tiny chance of getting a super container (e.g 1 million gold and 10 premium boxes, etc.), but if you fail, you receive some shitty stuff, like 10k gold and 1 additional box.

The proposed benefits of the container system should be balanced with the calculator in hand and the possible advantages of players in mind. But in my opinion, this solves the problems of ALL CLASSES OF PLAYERS: those, who are stuck with legacies, those, who lack boxes to fuse and have surplus gold, and low-level players, who just need to grind to catch up with the top (they receive 50% more gold and XP in campaign). If I had the opportunity to buy such an account for 1250 gold per month… wait, I just log into paypal and ask no more questions. What do you think about it, guys? How much tokens would you be willing to pay for such a system every month?

P.S. We even have some industrial items in the garage already:

So instead of containers we can have barrels, just animate them somehow, TS, or change them to containers. This is easy to do…


wow very good idea I would pay the 1250t for those bonuses I am of those players who only grind the campaign and as you said this would not only help people in my situation if not all the players but the only problem I see is that this would make a lot of difference between the f2p and p2p players.
P. d. I like containers better than barrels because the containers would be like a very big delivery to the garage.
something like this

That feature would be AWESOME! ^^ But the chances of it being added is low. I would actually get this every month if it was 10 or 15$ ( =500/700 tokens). If the price would be higher, I’d probably still get it, just not every month.

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We have discussed the possibility of employing the same reward scheme of the PvP in the Campaign (regular reward and premium reward for ad/premium account). We agreed it’ll be a good idea and will make Premium Accounts more valuable.

This will be done as part of redesigning the end sequence of missions and we plan this task to enter development in one of the coming sprints.


Great! But do you mean only the 50% bonus to campaign, or the entire idea with containers?

It will probably be the same scheme as with the PvP (Gold & XP) but I can’t guarantee the exact numbers until we’ll sit to calculate how this effects the economy and do the balancing.

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Could you implement a bet-system?

a bet for top clans who finish the week / players

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