Changed my mind about Energy mechs

So, I always complained about the energies being OP, and was always very angry with the Faceshocker. So, after having tuned my mech to be able to battle energies, I.e. mything and equipping energy mods, I can now honestly state, that they are not OP, they are fun to battle with all things being equal.

I’m sorry to have complained so much about you all in the past.

However, the problem is that there is an infestation of physicists in the arena, and many players are complaining. I actually gave a heat guy a win yesterday, as I could see how fed up he was after saying “I just lost 45/50 to physical, now I get you. I’m done”

This is the truth. Out of 100 matches 80 are with physicists between ranks 5-4. As a heat or energy mech, which is tuned to battle the same, you just can’t compete against a physical with stacked heat/energy.

I propose either a boost to the heat/energy drain, or a nerf to the Nightfall. In exchange allow physicists drones to be energy free.

In any case something has to be done about this infestation because the arena is already overrun. How is this game going to keep being fun? Especially in the case where players just can’t get premium items that fits their build, to counter these rape engines.

Another tweak would be to give heat players a version of the Terror Cry. Energies have it, why don’t we?


it is true you need a heat grenade lance, one can not push away the physicists, I agree with you, the physicists are the heaviest nightmare of heats because they do not equip energy but hp and execicamente heat / cooling, you can not eliminate them before of losing all the hp, because they are close to you all the time, and the physical wheels are a nuisance …


This made me LOL. I call them crippled mechs. They remind me of wheelchairs.


The irony here is in your name .

Inb4 a ‘HateYellowMechs’ account is made.


Still waiting for ‘‘HateAllMechs’’ dude.


Unfortunately, I cannot seem to change it. I WISH I COULD …HateYellowMechs


I relate to this.

20 characters

LOL, that’s just inappropriate.

What’s so innapropriate about that? We’re just talking about hard mechs. :^)

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I did this just to see a physical getting beat up. Not so big and hard now is he.

Eh, he’s still better than the waifu of everyone in this topic so I’m not leaving him behind.

use a physical weapon i use a heat drone to that only runs on heat just in case of an energy break

My respect to you sir, considering you had a change of opinion and admit it. Many would not do the same.


You can’t win against every player

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I can.
20 thingsofsomethinglikeanything

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i got 5 loses in a row

Don’t want to. I’m just saying that the infestation is a problem. 8/10 physicals in arena, can’t find a match with anything but rape engines.


So stop regurgitating the same thing, and understand the complaint. THERE IS NO BALANCE IN THE ARENA!


Rakuen clan powa




20 whatevers whatevers