Change Top members chat for current meta

Due to the meta change do you think you could change the top chat to up to rank 5 or something??

Currently I’m ladder rank 5 and rank 800ish and yet still have no access to the top chat :confused:

  • Great Idea! The top chat is so dead without this change.
  • No! I love the peace and quiet in the top chat!
  • Extend it even further so more gain access! (Rank 10? ~ top 20k players?)
  • I have another suggestion I’ve put below

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rank 5 and up are already tough opponents. At the very least, rank 4 can be considered top players already.


The top rank chat is just completely dead now, all the nonsense storytellers are gone, and I rarely go on anymore.



Being a rank 14, it doesnt affect me, but i dont mind fighting for my man Elcent and his ability to talk in the top chat

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I believe there should only be one chatroom but german chat room quite active at peak hour so i guess keep language base chat room n remove top 123 chat room.

not everyone is german on there, i think everyone visits the german chat room

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I have sent this suggestion over to the team.
Good Idea @Elcent


:thumbsup: (atleast 20char)

We have put in a task to do this.
No ETA on when but it is there! :wink:


i want chat room in which we can see forum new thread in hyperliks.
No comment allow
Click redirect to particular threads.


create a new thread with a poll! might get some support.


in low-rank chats only players are asked to give them an account, looking for a girlfriend, or other nonsense like spam, I think you should keep the chats as they are. if the chat and the game is dead, evaluate the changes and the conditions of the game since day after day there will be more those who leave the game before the reality of the current game that is based on:

1.- the purchase of bulk tokens.

2.- the high fusion costs

3.- not solve the problem of inventory items legacy (affecting the inventory limit)

This game used to be of strategy, effort where anyone with a lot of dedication, work and talent could develop their mech, now it is impossible to do it without buying tokens. and if they were spent surely the just reward was received, now in this version is spent and likewise you do not get anything unless you “buy bulk tokens”

from there that special portals have to be made to compensate for the failures in the economic design of the game, before 300, 400, 500 players were observed, now only 140, 200 and the days of special events or weekends you see again 350 players , that data you get without needing surveys or trying to mix chats.

How many tokens player should buy to have all premium items?

0, you shouldn’t buy any.

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Maybe to rank 4-5 but not top 20k players, that would be too much