Change to silver boxes

Remember back on the previous unreloaded version when we can get useful legendaries and occsionally mythicals from the mix boxes that anybody can buy ? why is the new version’s silver boxes having their cost increased each time you buy but no chance of legendaries at all , this needed to be fixed or they will just end up being absolutely useless since you get better chance of things and additional gold each boxes from campaigns alone , good idea or no ? comments below if you think this needed fixing .


How about way before that where you could actually buy specific items ?


(off topic)do you play msa?your profile pic/gif is navy and the other one is midori

back to the topic:

we can get legends and sometimes myths from boxes before the update because some legends are worse than more common items.remember the hell force sword?its only rare but its a good sword if you dont have hammers or axes.
the silver boxes are kinda useless now since it costs only coins intsead of 75 tokens.

I agree. They should make it like, every time the price of the box increases, the higher the chance for a legendary.

But like this, it ain’t worth it. The price increases infinitely but the drops quality are just the same.