Change the Graphic for Outposts Created from Deleted Colonies


Currently, when a colony is deleted for inactivity an outpost is put into that spot. This is good.

However, the outpost appears on the map as the same graphic as a garrison which is misleading.


This was done as of now. It may be altered later, but it is what it is for the time being. I do believe that is a future update.


Yea, I know it was added as of like a few days ago.

I was just pointing out that it could be slightly better. Just some minor nitpicking.


Its because garrisons are literally just OPs owned by the admin. I do get what you mean but thats the reason for it.


Agreed – Right now it’s quite difficult to fix this, but I do intend to do something about it in the long run!


It could always be an Outpost icon with a Red Cross on it, to indicate that it has been abandoned?