Change the golden box?


If you are wondering if you get a golden box from campaign you will get same thing as sliver one…Soo i was thinking if inside could be a litle chance to get legendary?Vote if it is a good idea

  • Yup it’s good
  • Nah it’s not

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New update! Select campaign! (2v2)

It already has a chance for legendary.


Lol its so low I never got a legendary from it in the entire campaign, I got mostly 1 epic and twice I got commons


Sad to say you’re correct. Those boxes are meant to be good. Yet they give nothing but commons, low chance of rares, even lower chance of epics. And not a single leg.

Even using them after completing everything, nada.

At least make it worth while.


Dayum 91% of yes.Thank you yall! (and yes i wish if golden box are usefull)