Change the fusion item system

I’m an “old” player of this game and i had a lot of items myth, leg and so on, i wasn’t playing for a while because the extreme OP of the other players with myth items and now i’m playing again, i saw there is a lot of new things and feel that’s “more balanced” than before, but i had a lot of legacy items 300/100 and had to fuse a lot with the news items cause i’m still using some legacy items till i can change them (that’s because why i didn’t convert them into power units) and then i realized that you lose the “power level” of the items that you had fused (not transformed, fused).
I think it would be better if you change it to “use” all the power on it, for example: and item with 10,000 power can raise another item with the same amount, not only a predetermined amount for all the items like now.

PD: Sorry if it isn’t well-written, english is not my first language.


Keep legacy item :- teleport 1kg 7kg, bully push back side weapon, blowback push side weapon, myth hook teleport charger. Etc
Newbie torso must keep.

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i accidently converted my flame biter ._.

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I never fuse item during bed time as i remember last time i accidentally fuse my legendary maxed brutality into windigo. :grinning:

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that’s so true ._.

must be atleast 20 characters

is spanish your first language?


Yeah, i’m learning right now… i’m and “old player” maybe 4 years but i quitted at the “start” of the myth weaps and the unbalanced system, but i’m back cause i saw the updates and wanted to try it 4 days ago.
now i have an average mech for my rank (10), i guess… (it has 923 hp, 193 energy, 131 heat, 16 resis and all physic weps) and i’m trying to get a heat (have 1 leg Iron Frenzy, 1 epic Nightmare, Desolation, Scorching feet, 2 Supreme canons) or energy mech (have 1 rare Sith and GrimReaper, 2 epic snack drone and 1 Grim cobra)

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if this would be posted long time ago i would be with u till the ragnarok but now is too late x this almost everybody sended to hell most of they legacy items
i understand how do u feel is like a reset ive sended to the trash this game with the big update but then i decided to give it another try and i have on game 3 weeks ago i ensure you that balance its pretty better now and good items now dont depend only of luck or at least that untill this morning when tacticsoft screwed our item farming from campaign
if u need a clan everybody is welcome on last bastion

si necesitas ayuda en last bastion te enseño con gusto yo me estoy recuperando del reinicio tambien como dije antes llevo apenas 3 semanas de vuelta pero he hecho buenos avances ya tengo varias legendarias avanzadas te recomiendo q conserves solo los item q puedan ser miticos (los q tienen un circulo rojo en su linea de rareza)

same happenned to me with brutality but i fused it on avenger xD
i dont have much to complain because i love how avenger looks but i just have a heat engine so i was demoted on pvp again xD