Change the Fuel Reward for Arena Wins to a Refil


I think that the 20 feul reward is pretty weak. it’s 4 runs on normal mode of mission 6 Overlord’s Den (most popular grind mission) and only 1 feul less than 3 runs on insane mode.

why not just make it a full feul tank?

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  • No
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20x yes characters


And for 3 won fights


This will actually be hella cool.

Consider it @Mohadib


yes yes is good idea yes and do not flag this thanks.

Seriously though I think that 40 fuel would be good, but not a full tank.


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Well, I voted “yes” but let’s be honest.
Why did TS decrease the fuel cap and increase the refuel costs from 20 to 30 tokens for real?
–> Like they said “so that fuel rewards have more meaning for players”?
HELL NO! The real reason is FOR MONEY.

A) By decreasing the fuel cap the fuel bar is full faster and cannot regenerate anymore then.
-> Players need to be online more often to play the same amount of runs.
-> They must visit the website more often.
-> TS gets more revenue from ads because of higher traffic on their site.

B) If players are not online more often then they can only use the refuel function for 30 tokens.
So they have less free tokens to use on other stuff.
Result: Some players will buy (more) tokens (than before).
–> More income for TS from token purchases.

So with this as the starting line for this suggestion does anyone really think TS would increase the free fuel for players in any way after explicitely reducing it to get more money?
Most certainly not.

As such all players definitely like the idea of increased fuel rewards but TS has absolutely no interest in that.
And when TS’s interests differ from the players’ interests then we know what TS does:
Ignore the players while pushing TS’s interests through (if needed by ‘force’ = irreversible update).


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