Change golem torso


Make the golem an e-m phys torso with these stats:

930 health
217/72 heat/cooling
217/72 energy/regen
28 phys resistance
25 energy resistance
25 heat resistance
329 weight

The reason for this is because the golem looks way too good to just be an e-l torso and this seems like a good well-rounded torso everyone can get. I think the legendary form of the golem should be mythical because it’s too big of an aesthetic change from the epic version and make a new legendary form in between the epic and mythical ones.

Since we already have the MPV we should get an epic version that’s a balanced all rounder for all players.

Should this be in the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Is it overpowered or underpowered and why?

  • Overpowered
  • Underpowered

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just change it to the epic version of molten platinum vest lol


Just look at how good looking this mech is.


Keep it has a heat torso, like zackares but will littler hp and more energy stats


Amd dont get me wrong, i like the golem, make mythical but also make a mythical anubis plz


I say just make them all reach mythical… let’s get some variety in dis hizzouse! :house_with_garden:


Actually, no, it looks like good ol’ diamond shell…
Make a myth version but with two spiky things and wider head to meet the size of a mythical torso…
Then, these stats… (Maxed myth)
Weight: 343
HP: 779
Energy/Regen: 202/75
Heat/cooling: 256/124
Exp Res: 58
Pys Res: 41
Ele Res: 41

  • Yes
  • No

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I do like your concept, but with that little health, the resistance doesn’t make up for it. Not to mention it’s heavier now.


You want me to add more health or more resistance… Or lower it’s weight…?
I’ll edit it…


Lower weight and more health. Anything below the Intercepter is too weak.


Is that better, your majesty?


779 health is almost 100 off from the intercepter. I think 930 is a balanced number. It’s weaker than windigo but stronger than intercepter.


No… I’m keeping Hp below Grim Reaper and resistances above all other torsos…
It’s got decent energy and regen and it has more cooling than Zark but less heat… I think it’s quite balanced…


The point of the torso isn’t good heat or energy stats. It’s supposed to have balanced resistances against everything.


It needs decent general stats (Which it has) and it has more resistance than any torso in the game… It makes up for it’s low health with it’s mad resistance and good cooling and heat…